Ontario Speeding Tickets

Speeding tickets are one of the most common tickets given out by officers in Ontario. Almost everyone has either received or known someone who has received an Ontario speeding ticket, but do you know exactly what that speeding ticket can do to your driving record and insurance rates if you plead guilty to the charge? Do you know that by paying the fine you are accepting all guilt associated with the speeding ticket, including the possibility of demerit points against your licence and possible licence suspensions? Did you also know that an explanation is not a valid defence for any Ontario speeding ticket charge?

Traffic Ticket Solutions Law Firm’s Ontario Speeding Ticket website will provide you with answers to all of your speeding ticket questions. We will inform you of everything to do with your speeding ticket from the legitimate ways an officer can accurately clock you speeding and penalties associated with speeding tickets to valid defences for a speeding ticket and how our professional, experienced staff can help you fight and win your Ontario speeding ticket matter!

Traffic Ticket Solutions’ professional staff of lawyers, paralegals, former police officers and law clerks have the experience you need to help defend your speeding ticket in court. We fight for complete elimination of ever speeding ticket presented to us and will always look for any defence possible to win your speeding ticket case. We will only plea down a speeding ticket to a lesser offence as a last resort when we have exhausted all other options. Traffic Ticket Solutions fights speeding tickets on a daily basis and has the knowledge and skill needed to properly evaluate the officer’s disclosure (evidence against you), look for any technicalities or fatal errors that can get your speeding ticket eliminated and file for any applicable motions that greatly increase your chances of not having the speeding ticket on your record!

Call us at 1.877.TTS.WINS today or fill in an online quote to experience our high level of customer service and receive your FREE PERSONALIZED QUOTE for your speeding ticket. We are your solution to any Toronto, GTA and Ontario speeding tickets!